Pickup Locations

Eugene (WC): Willamette Christian Center. At Hawkins and 18th. Enter from Hawkins and use the spaces immediately to your right, facing Hawkins.

Eugene (PB): Peterson Barn. Please use the Peterson Barn paved lot at Berntzen and Royal. The bus waits by the curb.

Eugene (SP): Shopko Park and Ride. Located between Taco Bell and Shopko (near Costco), off Coburg Road.

Albany (Alb): On Spicer Drive, next to the State Patrol’s office (at the old T&R location).

Salem (Sal): Salem Park and Ride at Hawthorne and Market Street. For extended trips the pickup is at the Salem Airport.

Cottage Grove (CG): - Walmart bus stop.

Roseburg (RB): - Sherms’ Market.

Extended trips: Northbound trip pickup locations are WC, PB, SP, Alb, & Sal. Southbound trip pickup locations are WC, PB, SP, CG & RB. We also pickup at other locations as appropriate.