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When do I needed to send the deposit for my charter?

After returning your signed charter estimate, send in your deposit within ten days.

When do I need to send a charter itinerary?

It is important to send us an itinerary as early as possible. Having the itinerary allows preparations to be made for your trip such as the driver reviewing the route.

What credit cards can I use?

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card are accepted.

When is final charter payment due?

Final payment is due two weeks prior to departure for charters.

If I cancel the charter will I get a refund?

In most cases you will receive a full or partial refund if the charter is cancelled more than 72 hours prior to departure. See the terms and conditions form for more details.

What do I need to know about airport pickups?

For smooth airport pickups, the group leader should call their driver prior to their departure (two hours prior to arriving in Eugene, four hours prior to arriving in Portland) to confirm and coordinate the arrival information. Upon arrival at the airport they should call the driver again. This is especially important in Portland so that the motor coach can be released from the security holding lot and move to the pickup area. An emergency number is available should further information be required.

In planning a charter, how much time should I allow for passengers to board the motor coach?

Depending on the number of passengers loading plan on 15 to 20 minutes to load. If the group has a lot of luggage or special luggage needs it may take longer.

In planning a charter how much time should be allowed for meal stops?

The restaurant can give you a good estimated time. The time can vary greatly depending on the type of restaurant you go to. You may want to call ahead and work with the restaurant.

When will I receive our charter driver's information?

Call the charter department about four days prior to the trip to get your driver's name and cell number. You may call the driver if you wish to give added information.

May I bring something to eat or drink on the motor coach?

You may bring something to eat or drink on the motor coach. Please do not bring food that is greasy or that may cause stains. Trash should be deposited in the containers at the front and rear of the motor coach before de-boarding.

May I bring alcohol on the motor coach?

Alcohol may be brought onto the motor coach for transport and drinking is permitted. However, the driver or any Experience Oregon employee or representative will not help you in any way with alcohol, including but not limited to loading or pouring. Should anyone become unruly due to alcohol consumption or any other reason, including but not limited to drug use, the driver has the right to require the passenger(s) to get off the motor coach at a site of the drivers choosing prior to their destination. Arrangements for consumption of alcohol must be made prior to the trip and requires a refundable cleaning/damage deposit. See the terms and conditions form for more details.

What if a chartered motor coach is left exceptionally dirty?

If the motor coach requires extra cleaning time you will be billed for the additional cleaning.

What about items left on the motor coach?

During business hours call to ask about the item giving your name, phone number, description of the item, date and destination of the trip, and the location in the motor coach where you were sitting. Experience Oregon will call you with the results of our search. We keep found items for 60 days before they are given to Goodwill. There is a charge to mail lost items as the passenger is responsible to get their items off the motor coach.

May children ride the motor coach?

There is no age limit; children may ride the motor coach. However, parents should be aware that there are no seat belts on the motor coach for child safety seats to be attached to and parents should plan accordingly. Children must be supervised at all times.


Where are the pickup locations / What are the pickup abbreviations?

Click here to view our pickup locations.

When are payments due for extended trips?

We ask for a small deposit to be paid within a week of making your reservation.
In most cases, final payment is due 60 days prior to the tour departure. If other deadlines are required, this will be noted on you detailed itinerary of the tour.

When are payments due for day trips?

Day trips usually must be paid a month in advance.

What if I have to cancel my tour?

Refunds of cancelled reservations vary and depend upon when you cancel and what payments may have been already made to vendors. Click here to see our Refund Policy.

Should I arrive early at the motor coach pick-up point?

For day trips our brochure and itineraries show the departure times from each location. Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the listed times.

For extended trips the time is given by phone—usually 20 minutes early is satisfactory.

Are there luggage restrictions on an extended tour?

Please plan on no more than one suitcase per person with your name securely fastened to the outside plus your carry on items.

Is travel cancellation/protection insurance available for extended trips?

Experience Oregon can refer you to any of several reputable companies that have quality protection plans.

Are tours appropriate for people with mobility problems?

Destinations vary in how mobile visitors must be to enjoy that particular destination. Boarding our motor coaches require negotiating steps. Our tours do require walking but in most cases lengthy or challenging walks can be avoided. If this is of concern to you, please call for details regarding individual tours. If you have special requests you should check with the person leading your tour to see if those requests can be met.